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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Dentist - Renewel of Filling

8.30am I set off to the dentist for a filling. I was not particularly looking forward to this but at the same time I wasn't scared either. I trust my dentist.

It was a sunny morning - and would you believe the sun is still shining - and to take my mind off my impending trial I sang out loud and long to the radio on my half hour journey no doubt frightening the wildlife to death . . . lol!!!

As dentists go mine is one of the best, and a real friendly place to visit. They play Radio 2 (is it to deaden the screams lol!!!) even the nurse sang along this morning. I won't mention whether it was in tune or not, but she was happy and that's what singing is all about. She did manage to vacuum my tongue a few times during the treatment but it's still in one piece and not bruised lol!!!

Louise, my dentist, is a laugh a minute and certainly puts you at ease. She decided I was just the right guinea pig to try out a new tool. And then she clamped my tooth - something I had never had done before. I said, 'I don't think I like that.' And she said, 'That's probably why I've never done it before.'
Mmmmm, that's something for me to remember for the future.
She calls the heavy drill Shake Rattle and Roll which says it all really - it just happens to loosen your ear wax too. So, if you need your ears syringing, and a filling, just visit the dentist and you get them both done at once lol!

Anyway, my mouth wasn't as solidly frozen as it would normally be after this visit and Sarah (nurse) explained why that was. No, don't ask me to explain, it's far too technical for me. It meant as soon as I got home I could drink a cup of tea without slurping and dribbling all over the place . . . yippeee!!! Still haven't had a kit kat yet though lol!!!

Forgot to mention the installation of the new air con in the treatment room - I am now suffering from the effects of wind chill........

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Anonymous said...

What a brave girl you are!!!!