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Sunday 29 January 2012

NEW BOOKS: How to Live Your Dreams (non-fiction) and Sam and Diana's Musical Jaunt (fiction)

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They say that everyone of us is capable of creating and living our dreams.
But how come so many of us struggle with how to get started?

It's identifying the starting point that baffles us.
And because we can't figure out where to start what do we do?

We give up. We don't bother trying.
In other words we make do.

But it doesn't have to be like that.
Using this book can help you change your life - if you let it.

In Live Your Dreams both Ellen and Olivia help you sow the seeds to kick start your
unique and powerful imagination on how to channel your thoughts into creativity 
using your deliberate intent to achieve the success you've always wanted.

You will gain an understanding of how vibrational energy works, 
the amazing power of thought, and how Like Attracts Like 
also known as the Universal Law of Attraction.

There are helpful sections on that old devil we call confidence, 
self-belief and what makes you You.

There's a bonus section too.
Live Your Dreams also contains practical advice and information to help 
you create a supportive living and working environment.

The clue is in the title . . .