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Thursday 29 April 2010

Kataka Gara featured on the Ellen Dean Show - Durham Dales Radio tonight 8-10pm BST

Kataka Gara is a singer/songwriter of "Spirit Pop"; described as World Electronica music, featuring haunting melodies and powerful lyrics about enlightenment.  Evoking the musical stylings of Enigma and Dead Can Dance, Kataka Gara is a master of unique musical instruments such as the Hang, Didjeridu, Berimbau, Djembe, as well as over 50 additional instruments. 
An accomplished Reiki Master Teacher, she "funnels" healing energy into her music, creating an exquisite and inspirational sound experience, which drops audiences deeply into their hearts when they listen to her music.

I will be playing songs from her 

recently released album 
Songs Of Life tonight Thursday 29th April
and Saturday night 1st May 
between 8 and 10pm BST.  

To check out additional songs on the album and read her current press reviews, please go to the website

You won't want to miss this hauntingly beautiful music.

Friday 23 April 2010

Cetyl M Equine Joint Supplement Update

Almost a year ago we started to give the joint supplement Cetyl M our old mare Katie. We were pleased to be asked to trial this supplement on a veteran. We had great results. Please read two previous blogs.

So how are things going now after she's experienced the worst winter for many a long year? Good question.

Every time the snow deepened (it never seemed to melt) and the temperatures dropped even further we worried about Katie.

She was well wrapped up, had a new little Shetland friend for company, and both had 24/7 access to their stable.

How did her old joints manage? Just fine!

Cetyl M was, and still is, fed daily in her food and we believe that it helps her enormously. She is relaxed, happy, and more importantly, she is supple. Our  vet, farrier and equine masseuse can confirm this, and are happy to recommend Cetyl M. In fact they were all surprised at how supple Katie had remained over the winter months when they visited her recently.

If you have any need to consider using a joint supplement, we strongly recommend that you try Cetyl M first. We saw results within the first 14 days of use, and with continued use the result is maintained. A must for our golden oldies.

If you have friends who you think might be interested in Cetyl M please tell them to read this blog. Please tell your vet about it, and your local riding club members. And, if you have any questions about the trial, please feel free to ask.

Cetyl M joint action formula for horses with Cetyl Myristoleate
Unique Fatty Acid Blend: Exclusive 100% plant-derived blend of esterified fatty acids with Cetyl Myristoleate to support joint health and function.
Granular Form for Maximum Potency: Not subjected to the degrading effects of heat and pressure from pelleting.
High Palatbility: Apple and molasses flavoured.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Chocolate and Love

When  Chocolate and Love asked me to taste test their new line in Organic chocolate, and write a review about it, what could I say? Absolutely! After all I do like my chocolate :-)

I received four 100g dark and delicious bars from C & L:
Filthy Rich, Crushed Diamonds, The Coffee Affair and Orange Mantra, and one Essential Orange bar courtesy of Conscious Chocolates Ltd   Oh the anticipation.....

I sampled Filthy Rich first, an extra dark chocolate with 71% cocoa. I expected it to be bitter, but it was perfect and I was in chocolate heaven. This is very smooth and creamy, no bitterness at all. A must for those who like their chocolate bars without added flavour.

Crushed Diamonds is a fabulous chocolate, but not one for me as I found the cocoa nibs too sharp. However, it was a favourite of my partners!

The Coffee Affair is a deceiving little number. It has very little coffee smell but when it hits your taste buds the coffee taste explodes into a quality ground coffee flavour.

Orange Mantra is lush. A must for chocolate orange lovers.

Unfortunately the Essential Orange bar from Conscious Chocolates didn't go down very well at all. I'm sorry to say that it just wasn't to my taste, but I'm sure others will love it.

I would certainly buy Filthy Rich and The Coffee Affair. My partner would buy Crushed Diamonds.

I definitely recommend you try this luxurious chocolate for yourselves - you won't be disappointed.

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