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Sunday 16 September 2018

Home Vestibular Exercises - Balancing Act

Home Vestibular Exercises

Why not make the exercises fun?

   I have written a couple of previous blogs about my having a vestibular disorder and I thought why not make the exercises you have to do to help your brain compensate, fun. I went outdoors and I could see the sun had made a shadow, on the grass, of the electric cable. And, it was a thick enough shadow to use as a high wire rope. Of course my trusty Labrador was by my side. He loves to tag along. Actually sometimes he must wonder what on earth I’m doing. But, he joins in the fun. Anything for a biscuit, and that’s just me lol!

On a serious note…vestibular disorders are the pits! If I can make exercises fun, then so be it. I learned to appreciate what I can do and accept what I can’t. Some people say fight it, but if you try and fight it, it causes anxiety and when you think about it…fighting something sounds like a battle and then your body becomes tense. You can’t win a battle that way.

 Forget the battle and go with the flow. Do what you can to help yourself…research the vestibular disorder you have been diagnosed with and follow the regime. VEDA is a brilliant website for all vestibular disorders, and all are professionals. What they don’t know isn’t worth knowing, believe me. Finding that particular website changed my life, for the better.

Onward and upward 😀


Thursday 13 September 2018

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