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Friday 17 March 2017

The Secrets of One Marlborough College Girl: Review


Since 1843, Marlborough college has been held in high esteem around the world as one of the most exclusive and traditional boarding schools lacing British educational history. It was the true making of Ukrainian-born London lawyer, E.L. Gogh, who is using the school as the setting for her compelling new novel.
One can only hope that ‘The Secrets of One Marlborough College Girl’ isn’t based on Gogh’s own experiences. It’s a true cocktail of witchcraft, unlikely love and the innocent naivety of youth. In fact, it’s unlike anything readers have experienced before.


When Russian heiress, Sasha Emelyanova, arrives to the exclusive Marlborough College in England she is glad to have her penniless best friend, Alka Gromova, by her side. It takes a tough cookie like Alka to cope with all the intrigues of privileged British public school life. 
However, no one knows that the exuberant and dominating Alka is a witch and while at Marlborough is inducted into an extracurricular circle of dangerous sorcerers. Passionate, powerful and ambitious, she is willing to use black magic as well as her looks and other assets to get everything she wants from life. 
All that Sasha wants is to be with Quentin, a stunning Oxford scholar and occasional drug addict. But is their relationship strong enough to withstand the charms of Alka and the Oxford secret society, as well as a family breakdown? It certainly isn’t helped by the appearance of Robert, a charismatic Canadian, whose own secret Sasha doesn’t learn until it’s too late. But then who is going to rescue Sasha’s father from his evil handlers and at what price? 
“Those who went to Marlborough will vouch for its stunning, almost haunting setting,” explains Gogh. “The school has a voice and attitude of its own, which never leaves the memories of its alumni. Therefore, it was the perfect setting and inspiration for my debut novel.”
Continuing, “But it’s not just for former students to enjoy. My goal from the outset was to capitalize on the cherished hallmarks of fiction that readers crave, while giving them something totally new and unique. So, step inside the doors of Marlborough and prepare to see the “other” side of institutional British educational history!”

About the Author:
Elena Gogh writing under the penname of E.L. Gogh hails from Kiev in Ukraine. At the age of 16 she came to the UK to study at Marlborough College, well known for its alumni, including the Duchess of Cambridge and Samantha Cameron. Elena’s top sports achievements in rhythmic gymnastics played a role in her coming to the UK. Whilst at Marlborough, she featured on the cover of the national press, including the Times and the Daily Telegraph. After graduation, she studied law in London before qualifying as a lawyer with a City Law firm. She presently lives and works in London.

My Review:
There is no doubt this author can tell a story. I absolutely loved it. However, as I have mentioned to Elena L. Gogh, her novel could do with an edit. There are some typos and formatting issues too, but it didn't distract from the story. Definitely worth a read.

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