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Sunday 17 June 2018

How To Do The Floss Dance (The Royal Floss)

You invite friends to pop round and this is what happens. The Floss Dance as you've never seen it before and will probably never see again lol!

Sunday 10 June 2018

Vestibular Disorder - Earthquake Hull 10th June 2018

I blogged in February 2018 about earthquakes causing people (including me) who have vestibular disorders finding their 'off balance' and 'dizzy' symptoms hike.

Well, last night I let my dog out about 11pm (Masham, North Yorkshire) and thought I heard thunder in the distance. My dog barked when he heard it and I felt off balance. This morning I read the BBC news to discover there had been a 3.9 earthquake at 11.15pm in Hull, not too far from me as the crow flies.

For the last couple of days I've been really off balance and assumed it was because I had been to the Jane McDonald concert two days ago as it takes me a few days to get over the travel and the flashing lights, not to mention the loud audio. Then yesterday morning I had to wear my peaked hat and shades when I went outdoors because I felt off balance and nauseous. I think it's been the approaching earthquake. I'd love to know if you have had the same symptoms before, or when, there's been an earthquake?


Friday 8 June 2018

Jane McDonald - 20 Year Anniversary Tour 2018

I've followed Jane McDonald since I saw her on the BBC documentary 'The Cruise' in 1998. Well, after all these years I finally got to see her live at Darlington Hippodrome last night which was her opener for The Anniversary Tour.

I hadn't been to the theatre for over four years due to having a vestibular disorder. Lights, loud audio and crowds set off my symptoms and my balance goes awry. Not to mention the drive up the motorway which is hugely problematic for me, so I wasn't at all sure I'd actually make it. But I did and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I'm suffering today, but it was well worth it.

Jane is a truly gifted performer. You'll note I say 'performer' because that's exactly what this wonderful lady is. Not only is she an amazing singer (and songwriter) she exudes love into the audience and in turn they love her back. It's like sitting in your living room chatting to her, her audience interaction is amazing. This down to earth performer with her huge singing voice had the crowd on their feet all beautifully wrapped in a wonderful Jane McDonald bubble complete with her fab band and backing singers.


The last song was very appropriate for me - 'Dance Yourself Dizzy' - oh I had to laugh! I have to say going to the theatre was a big deal for me as it is for many people suffering with a vestibular disorder. I did need to close my eyes when the lights flashed and wore my hat for extra protection. The audio was so loud the seats vibrated so next time I will make sure to sit in the stalls instead of the Dress Circle. I think it will make a difference. But this does not detract from the fantastic show and the fantastic renovations at Darlington Hippodrome.

If you are able to get tickets - grab them!

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