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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Vestibular Disorder - Earthquake Hull 10th June 2018

I blogged in February 2018 about earthquakes causing people (including me) who have vestibular disorders finding their 'off balance' and 'dizzy' symptoms hike.

Well, last night I let my dog out about 11pm (Masham, North Yorkshire) and thought I heard thunder in the distance. My dog barked when he heard it and I felt off balance. This morning I read the BBC news to discover there had been a 3.9 earthquake at 11.15pm in Hull, not too far from me as the crow flies.

For the last couple of days I've been really off balance and assumed it was because I had been to the Jane McDonald concert two days ago as it takes me a few days to get over the travel and the flashing lights, not to mention the loud audio. Then yesterday morning I had to wear my peaked hat and shades when I went outdoors because I felt off balance and nauseous. I think it's been the approaching earthquake. I'd love to know if you have had the same symptoms before, or when, there's been an earthquake?

These two links are to books that can help you if you have a vestibular disorder


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