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Saturday 25 October 2008

Mercury - Queen Tribute Band - Rocks Masham

'We will, we will, Rock You', and you did guys.

You are 'The Champions' my friends.

What a super show Sat Nav and I went to see last night. It was the first time we'd seen this brilliant band . . . but it won't be the last. Even Sat Nav was up on her feet dancing, and that takes some motivation ;-) Ouch!

Mercury absolutely rocked Masham. Fantastic, brilliant, terrific musicality. I could go on and on. Lee you even look like Freddie - an uncanny likeness. Thanks for letting me wear your crown. Gosh! Isn't it heavy!

The band played to a full house, and we all got down and dirty. The atmosphere was electric. My feet are still sore, probably due to the fact that I wore heels to dance. Will I never learn?

Sorry you only got one piece of cake Andy, but the band ate it all. It wasn't me - honest. I only had two pieces ;-)

Shaun, you've done it again. You always bring the best tribute bands to Masham.