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Friday 24 October 2014

Sister Act - Darlington Operatic Society

There's usually a story to tell when we go out for the evening, and, last night was no exception. We set off in plenty of time to go and see Sister Act, however, thanks to some road closures that we didn't know about in Aiskew blocking access to the A1, we had an enforced detour. It would have been nice  to see a road closed warning (Bedale) and a detour sign, but no - there weren't any. Then the A1 had roadworks. Then low and behold when we got to Darlington...roadworks again! We were five minutes late for the start of the performance, but managed to creep in without causing a disturbance. The show definitely made up for the awful journey. 

Photo copyright Darlington Operatic Society

Well, the Sisters were certainly having a great time last night at Darlington Civic Theatre, and so were the audience. What a spectacular performance of Sister Act by Darlington Operatic Society. If Whoopi Goldberg had been there she would have been well impressed with Deloris (I think last night was played by Rhiannon Williams) she is apparently sharing the role (alternate performances) with her sister Claire Willmer. The dancing, the singing, the music and the acting, absolutely brilliant. Every one of the cast exceptional. You felt as if you were on the stage with them.

Photo copyright Darlington Operatic Society

And, I've heard through the grapevine (their Facebook page) that the society has received over fifty applications for their next set of New Member auditions. I'm not surprised, if I could sing I'd be auditioning :-)

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Plus, a huge thank you to our good friend Kathy Boyer of KB Equine Therapy for animal sitting :-)