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Sunday 25 May 2008

'Oh What a Night' - Darlington Civic Theatre

Last night Sat Nav and I went to see Kid Creole (without his coconuts) at Darlington Civic Theatre in a show called 'Oh What A Night!'

We were to meet up with my sister and her friend. We were traveling to the theatre from different directions.... Sat Nav and I heading North while my sister and her friend headed South. We were to meet in the middle, at Darlington.
Sis and friend had decided to have a meal before the show, so when we arrived I phoned her. They were in the Indian restaurant beside the theatre and were told that if they presented their show tickets then they would receive a 10% discount!

I could see the Indian restaurant as we walked towards the ticket office. After collecting our tickets we came out of said Ticket Office and went into the restaurant. Or so we thought!

I looked around and couldn't see my sister anywhere.
A waitress said 'would you like to come this way' I said 'yes, but I'm looking for my sister'. By that time a waiter carrying pizza's walk past us - strange in an Indian restaurant - the penny should have dropped then really. By that time everyone had turned to look at us, probably wondering why we were looking so blank.

I said to the waitress 'is this the Indian restaurant' she said 'no this is the Italian....the Indian Restaurant is next door' lol!!!
How embarrassing is that?

In my defence even though they are next door to each other they do appear to merge into one.. lol!!! That's my excuse anyway...

So we eventually found my sister and her friend enjoying a curry next door in the Indian Restaurant, and they got their 10% off. And the very nice guy in the Indian restaurant brought Sat Nav and I a couple of After Eight mints. How sweet is that ?

On with the show.....The curtain went up at 8pm and the audience were on their feet and dancing in the aisles from then on.

Kid Creole (without his coconuts) but with some great dancers, absolutely rocked. I just love 70s disco music. Now...I know that some may call me sad, but I don't can't beat it.

Here's a taste of the tunes, Celebration, We Are Family, Young Hearts Run Free, Oh What A Night, YMCA and I Will Survive, that we - the audience - took over......bloody marvelous.

The show had a fab finale with terrific audience participation. I doubt if Darlington Civic has rocked so enthusiastically before.....not since The Rocky Horror Show, at least!

That's two nights we've had out on the trot and we are 'in the doghouse' with our lovely dog for leaving him twice!!! Just to make us feel extra guilty he has refused to eat all of his breakfast this morning :-(
He'll have to have lots of special attention today to get us back into his good books. In true doggy fashion he is extremely good at making us feel guilty.....

Saturday 3 May 2008

Cherish - Charity Fundraiser.

Cherish and Miss Kitty Lit-teur - a fun night!
Last Thursday night I was invited to attend a charity bash at the Slug and Lettuce in Durham. The night was billed as 'Cherish'. All proceeds went to the Butterwick Hospice to help them to look after terminally ill children. I gladly donated a signed copy of my novel Beautiful Strangers to their fund raising efforts.

Luckily I was able to attend, so Sat Nav (Gloria) and I set off up the A1 to County Durham.

Well, I have to tell you something unbelievable...Sat Nav failed me that night! I know you won't believe me, but it's true! I wouldn't care, but I lived in County Durham for years, yet couldn't find my way to The Slug and Lettuce in the city centre. lol!!!

Happily we were rescued from going round and round the roundabouts!
How??????..... I can hear you all shouting!

Well, my niece Amy was on hand because she'd decided to join us and share our night out. A quick distress call to her and she guided us in. All I can say is thank goodness for mobile phones, & Sat Nav - you're sacked! Ouch!

All of the staff at the Slug and Lettuce are courteous and friendly - without exception.
Hazel (deputy manager) who invited me, and Abigail (Manager) were charming, and ensured we were enjoying our evening.

The cabaret and hostess for the evening was billed as Miss Kitty Lit-teur, one of the North East's top Drag Queens. We were in for a treat.......and a helluva surprise!

Why? Well let me tell you. Miss Kitty is one of our long lost friends. Of course there was no chance to catch up properly, it was a brief hello and on with the show.

The show was spectacular! The costumes absolutely fabulous, and the audience participation went down a storm.

Of course I was dancing as usual. Only this time I had a terrific toy boy to dance with. Kenneth - what an absolute charmer you are........
and just like your Dad - a terrific mover ;-)

It was great to see Rolly, another special old friend. Catch up soon Rolly, eh?

Now if you want to see Miss Kitty then visit her website for dates and venues. I do believe she is coming back to Durham in a month's time at the Slug and Lettuce. Check out the websites.

I'm sorry I don't have any pics to show you. I forgot my camera :-(

Well done to the organizers for a great evening, and for raising £400.