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Friday 17 June 2011

Masham and Kirkby Malzeard Patients Support Group, North Yorkshire

On Wednesday 8th June 2011 Masham & Kirkby Malzeard Patients Support Group presented Dr. Steven Broadbent GP with a Heine Dermatoscope for use in the Practice.

Dr Steven Broadbent accepts the Dermatoscope from John Brearley (Chairman)

Dr. Broadbent thanked the Patients Group for their kind donation. He said that this piece of equipment would enable GP’s within the Practice to closer examine skin lesions, in particular moles. This is a new piece of equipment which should enable doctors to be able to determine which moles could be malignant.

Dr Steven Broadbent demonstrates on Jack Burk how the Dermatoscope is used.

The Dermatoscope works by using a bright light source and magnifying plate with a blob of alcohol jelly between the two to enable high magnification viewing of the skin and its relevant structures. This is a fairly new dermatological skill that Dr Broadbent and Dr Gardner are acquiring with the aim for prompt diagnosis and hopefully reduced referral rates. 
Members of the Patients Support Group were invited to try the Heine Dermatoscope using Dr Broadbent as a guinea pig. As a committee member I found this piece of equipment to be amazing.

Ellen Dean