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Saturday 11 August 2018

Baby Shark Challenge - Cheeky Monkeys

The video speaks for itself...

Baby Shark - The Craze

Seems everyone in the world knows about the fun and fabulous craze that is the Baby Shark. Don’t they? Yes, no, perhaps?

Well, everybody might have, but certainly not me. 

The first I heard about it was when my little great-niece visited. I was making tea in the kitchen and all I could hear was her laughing along with my friend. So, I popped my head round the door to see what was going on.

And there she was, at three years old doing her level best to teach my  friend something. I had no idea what she was trying to teach my him but they were both laughing and giggling a lot so I knew it had to be something fun. Luckily my friend was familiar with the Baby Shark craze and was able to go along with it and in what seemed like no time at all they were both singing the Baby Shark song and both doing the actions. 

Well, that was it. Everyone in the house just had to join in and from there came the idea that could we, or even should we, maybe have a bit of fun ourselves and have a bash at making a silly short film? 

So with very little practice we did just that as the film above shows and, quite rightly, I’m sure you’ll agree that the dog is the star of the show.

Since the film has been aired it’s not unusual for me to be greeted with the first few bars of the song when I visit local shops and it’s great to get such a terrific response and have a fun thing going. It brightens the day.  It’s become quite a thing in my local Co-op Store where everyone wants to be part of the ‘in’ joke and then my great-niece almost started a chain reaction while we were out celebrating a birthday, such happy reactions. 

So, I want to  say a BIG THANK YOU to the originators of the Baby Shark for helping to bring smiles and sunshine into our daily lives and for helping some little people pronounce their words better.