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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Mid-life crisis?

Last week a series of events lead me to test drive a Mercedes SLK.
I had been looking to buy a Merc for a while, but sometimes I get put off by car salesmen who fuss over you just so that you will buy a car regardless of whether it's suitable, and especially when two women are involved with no man to check under the bonnet, and kick the tyres.

When I saw this car advertised in the local newspaper I thought I would go along and have a look. The car was right up my street, Sat Nav liked it too, which was a bonus. The garage selling it was a family run garage, mother, father and two sons, and that appealed to us. From the start I was treated with respect, and wasn't pushed to buy anything at all.

Mark, (one of the sons) whom I had spoken to on the telephone was busy with customers when we arrived at the garage, so Jonny (other son) took me for a test drive. Although he did offer us the keys to take the car ourselves. That impressed me, although we didn't take up his offer.

We had travelled a few miles and were heading into a small village when a motorhome shot out of a junction in front of us; not exactly an emergency, thank goodness. A little further along a car overtook a bus, both coming towards us and nearly wiped us out. It was an extraordinary experience to say the least. Jonny's face turned white. After all I was driving a car that I wasn't used to! I looked at him and said, 'Well the brakes work!' and carried on.

I didn't really need time to think about buying this fabulous car, but Jonny said, 'Have a think about it, and let us know.'

I highly recommend this garage They are polite, courteous, and not at all pushy.

I am absolutely delighted with my car. It was delivered yesterday, and it sparkled! I don't care that it's not brand new - it's new to me. I have had sports convertibles in the past, and thought I'd got over it. Am I having a mid-life crisis?

One thing did come to mind . . . last week after the test drive I had tingling pains in my feet. I couldn't tell why that was. Last night I had the same tingling, and decided that it must be due to my new driving position. It's funny how a change in posture can cause so much pain! But I'm sure I'll get used to it ;-)