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Friday 15 July 2016

Personality Perfect App Review

I don't normally review Apps, but this one is different and this is why.

In my work I need to have a good understanding of what makes people tick, in other words, personality traits and types. This is because I create characters for my stories and, as an NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I help clients to understand themselves and work on their strengths.

The ability to understand oneself can be very elusive, not to say totally confusing. However, the FREE Personality Perfect App really does give us an insight into our own personality and how we interact with others. I can say this with confidence because I took the Personality Test and was amazed at the result. I am a Giver. Then I received an email with the information for me to print and keep and refer back too if I wanted to. This was a very nice bonus that I had not expected.

You can share this Personality Perfect App with your Facebook friends and have a lot of fun or you can share with your colleagues and see how well matched you are. Something else, which is very important, is you can find out how you will get along with a new partner either in business or your personal life.

I would suggest that you go to the About page first and fully read and digest it as I went straight to the 'Take The Test' page and needed to back track. This was because I could not fathom out what the initials meant. For example: ISTJ and INFJ. Remember, it is important for you to be honest when you answer the questions, even though you may think they are tricky and you might want to tell a little fib don't do that or you will be given false information. By that I mean the feedback that you receive will not be about the real you, it will be for an imposter. So please remember to be honest :-)

A lot of people beat themselves up for the way they react to certain scenarios, like being uncomfortable in social situations, not knowing what to say to strangers or they aren't able to strike up a conversation and end up wishing they were miles away or the ground would swallow them up. They think others will see them as being weird, stuck up or stand offish. But this is not always the case. This App can really shine a light on their personality type. It will show them that it is perfectly normal for them to feel and react in the way that they do. As a result this means they can give themselves permission to avoid unpleasant situations without any self recrimination because it's who they are and how they tick. I know that this will come as a relief to a lot of people who suffer social anxiety and dread social occasions :-) 

You can download this FREE App on your iPhone or Android as well as your computer and iPad. So, you could be sitting with friends in a cafe comparing your personality types.

This App is based on the sixteen personality types that were developed by the American mother and daughter team Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, which they based on the work of Carl Jung the Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. Who's better work to follow.

Download the App, find out who you are and be happy.

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