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Sunday 26 April 2009

Service With a Smile

Jonny Chisholm watching the customers arrive.

It was time to have one of our cars serviced, and what better place to go than Catterick Service Station?
Remember my previous blog? I bought my second mid-life crisis from there.

Last Friday Sat Nav and I took both of our cars there. One for a service, and the other (my mid-life crisis) because it was screaming at me (the brakes that is) and no . . . it wasn't because of my driving!

We arranged to collect them later that day. Talk about the best laid plans!

We were almost ready to leave in the very smart courtesy car we'd been loaned; all we had to do was bottle feed the lamb. Now this might sound odd, but remember we live in the country and we were doing our neighbours a favour.

The little lamb had other ideas and despite Sat Nav's (and my) best attempts it refused to take the bottle, and wanted to play and mess about. There was no way we could get to the garage before it closed so I had to phone and explain. When Jill (service receptionist)finally stopped laughing at our little predicament, we arranged to collect the cars on Saturday morning. I am happy to report that Saturday morning little lamb was ready for breakfast and guzzled it without any problems ;-)

I know I keep telling you how great the staff are at this garage, but I'm going to tell you again. You are made so welcome, and nothing is a trouble to them. You can't beat good service, which is exactly what you get here, and it's always delivered with a smile.

Check them out - you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Nobby Dimon

Do you recognize this man?
Those of you who follow North Country Theatre will. He is Nobby Dimon the founder, and artistic director, of North Country Theatre, based in North Yorkshire.
Sat Nav and I have enjoyed many of his splendid adaptations/productions.

Last night Nobby was the guest speaker at our local Womens Institute meeting, and what an entertaining speaker he was. Although, in truth, we didn't expect anything less.

He spoke about the history of travelling players from way back when and how his company continues in that theme. He had us all laughing at the secrets behind the levitation scene in a recent production (I wondered how they did that).

He told us how he likes to include the audience in the performance; how he likes to include everyone in the lets pretend scenario. Of course Sav Nav and I knew exactly what he meant because part of North Country Theatre, and Nobby's magic, is to involve the audience and sweep them up into a fantastic fun lets pretend bubble.

The next production is Home On The Range. Check out their website for details.

Monday 13 April 2009

It's Official - I'm Losing The Plot!

I wanted to blog about this last week, but I couldn't, or I would have blown a nice surprise.

I have a lot of cousins!

One of them, Jackie, telephoned with an invitation to her sister Pauline's surprise birthday party. Very nice, I hear you say. We thought so too. I arranged to collect my sister on the way there and we duly arrived at the venue in Frosterley in Weardale.

Nothing wrong with that, is there? Except the place was almost empty. Where were all the friends and relatives?

So, we asked the landlady where everyone was, only to be told . . . we'd got the wrong week - we were a week early!
How embarrassing is that? It was my sister and I who got the surprise, not Pauline.
But all was not lost...we met up with Pauline anyway and enjoyed 'gate-crashing' a 40th birthday party! I think our mistake has been the best kept secret in Weardale over the past week, lol! Hence the blog title - It's official...I'm losing the plot!

So, last Saturday night (the right night) Sat Nav and I drove back up north to Frosterley for The Surprise Birthday Party. Of course, all eyes were on me as we walked through the door.
'You've got the right night then,' said the landlord, grinning widely.

The party was absolutely fantastic, and Pauline enjoyed every minute. There was karaoke. My friend Anita and I belted out a few songs. I'm not sure whether I saw people putting earplugs in, or not!
The DJ played great music, and a good night was had by all. As ever, Sat Nav was handy with her camera.

Happy Birthday Pauline :-)

Anita and Ellen singing!

Ellen and Alison (Pauline's sister) dancing!

Ellen, Pauline (birthday girl) and her sister Jackie.

My sister Judith, Jackie, Pauline and Ellen at the gate crashed party.

Friday 10 April 2009

Fearby and Healey Village Hall Makeover

Fearby and Healey Village Hall has had a fabulous makeover, and you can see from the before and after pictures, it looks absolutely beautiful. The new lighting system needs to be seen to be appreciated.

The official opening takes place on Friday 17th April 2009 at 7pm. Everyone welcome. There will be wine and some tasty nibbles. So why not come along and make it a night out.

The Hall is available to hire for all occasions i.e. weddings, birthdays, groups, classes, meetings, etc. Although there is no 'built-in' bar, the Village Hall does have a license, so it is possible to make arrangements to have a bar if you wish.

Monday 6 April 2009


Originally uploaded by ellendean
Too good to resist ;-)

Being watched!

Being watched!
Originally uploaded by ellendean
I thought it was quiet, but now I see a pair of eyes watching over me ;-)

Strumming at Druids Temple

Druids Temple, North Yorkshire.

I chose this place to practice playing my guitar a couple of days ago. It has the most amazing energy, and at this time of year is quiet.