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Wednesday 15 May 2019

ONE, TWO, THREE (Masters of Cinema)


One of director Billy Wilder's most frenetic comedies, the madcap Cold War and corporate politics satire One, Two, Three has to be one of the only films almost capable of making its Wilder predecessors Some Like It Hot and The Apartment seem sedately paced in comparison. Featuring a hilarious lead performance by James CagneyOne, Two, Three hasn't always been as famous as Wilder's other comedies, but it's among his best.
Cagney is C.R. "Mac" MacNamara, a top soft drinks company executive shipped off to (then West) Berlin and told to keep an eye on his boss' 17-year-old Atlanta socialite daughter Scarlett (Pamela Tiffin) while she visits Germany. Scarlett's tour seems endless, and Mac discovers she's fallen for a (then East) Berlin communist agitator and the young couple are bound for Moscow! Mac has to bust up the burgeoning romance before his boss learns the truth, all the while dealing with his wife Phyllis (Arlene Francis) and her own impatience with German living.
With One, Two, Three, Wilder set out to make "the fastest picture in the world." Mission accomplished, so hang on and try not to miss too many gags if this is your first viewing of this knockabout comedy penned by Wilder's long-time screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present yet another Billy Wilder masterpiece on Blu-ray for the first time ever in the UK featuring a Limited Edition slipcase [2000 copies ONLY].

My review
I received this DVD to review and what a great job they have done putting this classic onto DVD. I have to say it isn't one of my favourite films, I preferred Some Like It Hot. I loved the gags i.e. Swiss cheese having holes in it. The film was too fast paced for me. I was quite warn out by the time it finished. How James Cagney kept up the pace I'll never know.

If you are a fan of James Cagney you'll love this film. You can buy ONE, TWO, THREE on DVD by clicking on this Amazon link. 

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