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Saturday 23 June 2007

Book Signing in Borders Bookstore at Silverlink, Newcastle.

We've had a week of intermittent rain and thunder storms and today was no exception. I was just loading the car ready to go to Newcastle when the heavens opened. Of course I'd just done my hair, hadn't I, and within a millisecond resembled a drowned rat! After a quick tong and brush up I was finally ready to leave - again.

Five minutes along the road the rain stopped. Fifteen minutes later it started again and continued all the way there. Luckily Colin helped me unload the car and Gloria held the brolly so I didn't get wet.

There were two authors at Silverlink today, myself and Janet MacLeod Trotter who I was looking forward to meeting. Naturally we had a lot in common and enjoyed a cup of tea after the signings. The staff were pleasant and very friendly - thanks for the hospitality guys.

We left Newcastle under black skies and driving rain but half way home the weather smiled on us and turned into blue skies and sunshine, and would you believe I had to wear my shades!

Colin, Jason and Juliette, you were marvelous!

Ellen x

Sunday 3 June 2007

Book Signing in Borders Bookstore Team Valley, Gateshead.

We set off on a very warm and sunny morning our destination being Borders Bookstore, Team Valley Retail Park, Gateshead. The drive from our dale was lovely until we met civilization on the A1 where the world and his wife were all heading North - of course we were heading North too!

The roadworks which always seem to go on in the warm sunny weather didn't let us down, and slowed us to snail pace. Well done roadworks!

We could have got really uptight worrying about being late but we didn't, we started to sing instead and our rendition of Ruby in the Sky with Diamonds could be released later this year on cd . . . if you're really lucky.

Putting ourselves in the hands of the universe we arrived with 15mins to spare and a parking space empty for us right by the door. Thank you universe.

We met Ann who made us very welcome and took us to Starbucks upstairs for much needed refreshments - we can recommend the muffins!

What great hospitality, and organization, from all of the Borders staff; they were so pleasant, welcoming and attentive; nothing was a trouble to them. This is a happy store, you can feel it in the atmosphere.

My special thanks go to Ron, the store manager, Helen who set up the event for me, and Ann. (Don't Ron and Helen take a great photograph?)

I'm more than happy to take up their invitation of doing another event with them whenever they want me to.

It's a pity we missed Stewart who was on holiday . . . going to Greece (lucky him) . . . maybe next time Stewart, but I did personalize a copy of my book for you.

So thanks again guys . . . you are a terrific crowd.

Ellen x