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Sunday 16 December 2012

UK Midsummer Fair Fundraiser For The Orangutan Protection Foundation

UK Midsummer Fair Fundraiser for the Orangutan Protection Foundation

A treasure trove of delightful things for you to buy or try :-)

Organizers Gloria Fletcher and Ellen Dean. 

For more information, or if you'd like to volunteer your help or if you would like to help sponsor the running costs please contact Gloria by email.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Beadnell Bay - Northumberland

On an impulse last week Sat Nav (Gloria) and I set off for Beadnell Bay...blame it on the sunshine :-) We've had so little of it this summer so thought we'd take the opportunity to go to the beach. We packed our bags but had nowhere to stay. No problem, we'll find somewhere, said I, always the optimist.

We arrived in Seahouses around 4pm for fish, chips and mushy peas...and believe it or not, we didn't have jet lag!

My trusty mobile phone found us a gem of a 5* palace in Beadnell Bay called Beadnell Beach Guesthouse and the beach WAS just a few steps from our door.

Ellen with (white) Beadnell Beach Guesthouse behind her.

I can't praise Bob and Kath (owners) enough. This is a little haven of tranquility and luxury. An absolute find for us and we will definitely be back. Comfortable, ultra clean, peaceful, brilliant breakfasts with a fab view of the bay while you eat. Add to that the warm and welcoming personalities of Kath and Bob and you have Utopia. 

Beadnell Bay Harbour at Sunset
Beadnell Bay Sunset
These are some of the other places we visited. We were lucky to have brilliant sunshine and there was warmth to it. Although Craster harbour was a tad windy.

Lindisfarne Castle
Budle Bay
Bamburgh Castle
Craster Harbour
I'm a sand artist ready for a cup of tea and Kit Kat
Me and my shadow

Beadnell Bay Beach

Ellen Dean Recommends Beadnell Beach Guesthouse

Friday 28 September 2012

Rosemary Shrager's NEW Absolutely Foolproof Cookbook

Popped in to see Rosemary today and guess what?
 She has a new cookbook out. Yay!
'Absolutely Foolproof'... unless you are called Ellen Dean that is lol! 
I had a look through the book while we chatted and yes Rosemary was smiling
 when she said, 'There are even some recipes in my book you can tackle.' 
 'Yes,' said I, 'possibly. If I could just get over my fear of cookers - they do get so very hot!'

Seriously though, this is another excellent book from Rosemary and you will 
definitely impress your Family and Friends with her recipes.

 I feel a video coming on :-)

Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family & Friends is the next best thing to having Rosemary by your side in the kitchen. Rosemary passionately believes that once a few basic techniques are mastered, anyone can cook ANY dish.

With crystal clear instructions for over 20 master recipes and techniques in fantastic photographic detail, plus hints, tips and ideas, and plenty of explanation to take the mystery out of cooking, Rosemary guides you through every stage of preparation, giving you the total confidence you need to achieve perfect results. And once you’ve mastered these – building your repertoire of techniques along the way, you can prepare the 200 classic recipes that follow with ease – and even create your own!

From poultry, meat, fish and game to curing, raised pies, pasta and gnocchi, your dishes will be faultless every time. And whether it’s a casual kitchen supper with the family or an occasion for celebration, Rosemary has a recipe that everyone will enjoy. This is the essential reference book for home cooks everywhere.

Ellen Dean Recommends 

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Book Signing at Northern Pride - Newcastle-upon-Tyne Saturday 21st July 2012

Wet weather resulted in a change of venue to Exhibition Park for Newcastle's 5th Northern Pride event and no doubt lots of people turned into weather watchers beforehand but we were lucky to be blessed with a fine sunny day ... and the result was a fabulous and colourful event attended by over 20,000 people.

This year Sam Hawkins organised a Women's Tent - a first for this type of thing and not an easy task I can tell you. But you did a great job Sam :-)

Ellen and Sam Hawkins

I was delighted be invited to do a book signing in the Women's Tent where I signed and sold copies of my book Beautiful Strangers. Many thanks to the lovely people who came along to say 'hello' and who bought my book. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Dani, Morgan and Kerrie

Ellen and Dani

It was great to see Sonia and the Cheeky Girls among the many artists performing at the event. And Dot Ellis sang her heart out in the Women's Tent - what a superb voice Dot :-)

Ellen and Dot Ellis

It was great to catch up with Wendy and the Outpost Team.

Proud to be Patron of Outpost Housing Project

And it was good to finally meet Roweena Russell (official photographer) and Aly Rhodes editor of out!  northeast magazine

All in all Sat Nav, Amy and I (above photos) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next year.

Ellen Dean Recommends

Thursday 26 April 2012

HRH The Princess Elena (Helen) of Romania opens RoyalTeas

HRH The Princess Helen cuts the ribbon 

On Wednesday 25th April 2012 Gloria (Sat Nav) and I were privileged to attend the Official Opening Ceremony of the UK's only Royal Tea Room which is in Stanhope, Weardale, County Durham, and aptly named RoyalTeas.

The Opening Ceremony was graciously performed by HRH The Princess Helen of Romania, accompanied by her husband H.E. Domnul Alexander.  Princess Helen gave a wonderful speech which was simultaneously heart-warming and poignant and she charmed everyone.

HRH The Princess Helen 

Anita Atkinson with HRH The Princess Helen
in RoyalTeas 
RoyalTeas is the brainchild of my longtime friend Anita Atkinson's daughters Ruth and Gemma. 


behind Ellen and Anita's
Aunt Audrey
Ruth had the idea to open a Royal Tea Room to celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee and exhibit some of Anita's record breaking collection of Royal Memorabilia.

Gemma came up with the clever name.
HRH The Princess Helen, H.E. Domnul Alexander,
Ellen Dean 

Of course Anita couldn't have managed a tea room on her own....she is not a baker - sorry Anita, but you know it's true :-).... however, Christine Dodd is a first class baker and RoyalTeas is their terrific joint venture. It is open now and right through the summer to August of 2012.

Christine Dodd with Ellen

Anita is a well know Royalist and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest collection of Royal Memorabilia in the world. And, what she doesn't know about the Royal Family History, past and present, isn't worth knowing. Over the last thirty years she has given numerous 'Royal Talks' always donating any money generated to charity.

As some of you know I have been a Royalist since the age of six when I managed to get my head stuck in the railings outside Buckingham Palace....moving swiftly on.......

The Royal Visitors chat to
a member of Stanhope Silver Band
Lilian Peart admires the exhibition
and decor

RoyalTeas is a MUST VISIT. 

Stanhope Silver Band played both the Romanian and our national anthems at the Opening Ceremony AND in RoyalTeas gave an impromptu performance of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' to celebrate the typically British weather! Oh yes, many raindrops were falling throughout the day....

The exhibition is incredible and so colourful it has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The food is fabulous - we recommend the plain scones with jam and cream, and the fruit cake. 

RoyalTeas venue is courtesy of Stanhope Methodist Chapel who deserve a huge thank you for their support of Anita and Christine.  

Ellen Dean Most Definitely Recommends :-)

Monday 23 April 2012

Child Reach International Charity Event

On Saturday 21st April 2012 Amy (my lovely niece) and I went along to my mountaineering nephew Joseph's Charity Event at Crook Town Cricket Club.

This was a very important event. Joseph intends to climb to the Mount Everest Base Camp. Not something for the faint-hearted I can tell you! Joe is studying maths (such a clever boy) at Sheffield University and this is a university led event but he has to raise £3000 before he can attempt the climb this August. He's climbing in support of Child Reach International. 

We had a great night and terrific support. Joe's event raised £319.00.  Well done to my sister Judith who helped him to organize the event x

Bryn Haswell
Olly Hopper
Two very talented singers lending their support for the charity. The magnificent Bryn Haswell from Newcastle and the fabulous Olly Hopper from Hunwick.

A huge thank you to Sharon Mclean a radio presenter with Venture Radio and to her family who travelled up from Burton-on-Trent.

We had the most amazing disco from Anita Atkinson with her Durham Dales Radio Roadshow. And the children had a lovely time dancing and playing pass the parcel. There was a quiz (my team didn't win) and a raffle.

At the moment the total amount raised by Joe for this fundraiser is £945.80. If you would like to support Joseph he has a My Donate site.

Dancing to The Macarena
Pass the parcel

Sharon Mclean (with her raffle prize)
and Ellen 

Bryn Haswell and Ellen Dean Timewarping

Sunday 8 April 2012

Masham Players Spring Production 2012

I'm going to be Usherette on Thursday 12th April

Tickets now on sale for 'A Rise in the Market' by Edward Taylor

To ensure you get a good seat book in advance at: -

The Community Office

Little Market Place


Tel: 01765 680200

Opening hours:-

Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 15:00

Sunday Closed

Or alternately contact us by using the 'Contact' button at the top of our home page and we will book seats for you.

Masham Players

Friday 24 February 2012

Morgen Bailey Interviews Ellen Dean

Author Morgen Bailey was kind enough to interview me for her blog. Please check out her profile and books on Smashwords

Ellen Dean Recommends

Sunday 5 February 2012

How To Make Spinach and Cheese Omelette with Rosemary Shrager and Ellen Dean

Celebrity Chef Rosemary Shrager and Writer Ellen Dean
make a delicious Spinach and Cheese Omelette fit for 
HRH The Queen

A fantastic book for everybody, whether you can cook or are just beginning.
I am so proud to have a signed copy of this wonderful book
 - thank you Rosemary - 
and would you believe that it has inspired me 
to actually WANT to try my hand at cooking. 
A minor miracle! 
I've never before had the inclination to interfere with 
cookers ... they get very hot! :-)
Ellen Dean Recommends 

Sunday 29 January 2012

NEW BOOKS: How to Live Your Dreams (non-fiction) and Sam and Diana's Musical Jaunt (fiction)

Available in all Formats from

They say that everyone of us is capable of creating and living our dreams.
But how come so many of us struggle with how to get started?

It's identifying the starting point that baffles us.
And because we can't figure out where to start what do we do?

We give up. We don't bother trying.
In other words we make do.

But it doesn't have to be like that.
Using this book can help you change your life - if you let it.

In Live Your Dreams both Ellen and Olivia help you sow the seeds to kick start your
unique and powerful imagination on how to channel your thoughts into creativity 
using your deliberate intent to achieve the success you've always wanted.

You will gain an understanding of how vibrational energy works, 
the amazing power of thought, and how Like Attracts Like 
also known as the Universal Law of Attraction.

There are helpful sections on that old devil we call confidence, 
self-belief and what makes you You.

There's a bonus section too.
Live Your Dreams also contains practical advice and information to help 
you create a supportive living and working environment.

The clue is in the title . . .