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Friday 28 September 2012

Rosemary Shrager's NEW Absolutely Foolproof Cookbook

Popped in to see Rosemary today and guess what?
 She has a new cookbook out. Yay!
'Absolutely Foolproof'... unless you are called Ellen Dean that is lol! 
I had a look through the book while we chatted and yes Rosemary was smiling
 when she said, 'There are even some recipes in my book you can tackle.' 
 'Yes,' said I, 'possibly. If I could just get over my fear of cookers - they do get so very hot!'

Seriously though, this is another excellent book from Rosemary and you will 
definitely impress your Family and Friends with her recipes.

 I feel a video coming on :-)

Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family & Friends is the next best thing to having Rosemary by your side in the kitchen. Rosemary passionately believes that once a few basic techniques are mastered, anyone can cook ANY dish.

With crystal clear instructions for over 20 master recipes and techniques in fantastic photographic detail, plus hints, tips and ideas, and plenty of explanation to take the mystery out of cooking, Rosemary guides you through every stage of preparation, giving you the total confidence you need to achieve perfect results. And once you’ve mastered these – building your repertoire of techniques along the way, you can prepare the 200 classic recipes that follow with ease – and even create your own!

From poultry, meat, fish and game to curing, raised pies, pasta and gnocchi, your dishes will be faultless every time. And whether it’s a casual kitchen supper with the family or an occasion for celebration, Rosemary has a recipe that everyone will enjoy. This is the essential reference book for home cooks everywhere.

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