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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Leeds City Centre - Borders Bookstore and Shopping

Everybody warned us that getting into Leeds City Centre would be a nightmare and because we hadn't been for twelve years we were inclined to believe them. Imagine our surprise when we sailed in without any problems whatsoever. My sat nav (Gloria) was on top form so I'm not going to get a newer model lol!!! :) And guess what...the sun was shining all the way and all day for that matter.

We were in Borders Bookstore for 11am for a book signing and the hospitality was absolutely excellent. We were treated to tea and muffins (choc).
Special thanks to Sandra and David for making us so welcome and looking after us.

I enjoyed an interesting chat with a budding author and this very kind gentleman returned later with a small gift of hand made chocolates. I didn't get his name . . . but if you are reading this thank you so much.

I called at Waterstones later in the day to sign their copies of Beautiful Strangers but guess what? They had sold out . . . yippeee . . . sadly the new stock had not arrived. So if you want signed copies go to Borders as I signed extra copies there.

We enjoyed some great retail therapy and we both agree that Leeds is for us in the shopping stakes. And...for the people who can't find there way in or out . . . why not? It's easy lol!!!

Having said that, on the way in we spotted an ASDA store and as some of you know I have been on the lookout for Quaker Oat Crisps and thought aha I will call in there on the way out. Sadly, this was not to be as the way out isn't the same as the way in arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh. So still without cereal, so Debbie I will try and get to ASDA in Harrogate soon. And their petrol was only 93.9p a litre so missed out there too.

Swansea next weekend - I'm really looking forward to it.

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