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Monday, 16 July 2007

Swansea Surf Camp and Borders Book Signing

Friday the 13th we set off for Swansea at 8am and finally arrived at 5.30pm. What took you so long you might ask . . . well . . . I know it was black Friday, but the 13th is usually lucky for us and I guess it was as we were nearly, but not quite, involved in what would have been a nasty accident. The weather was NOT kind, neither was the traffic congestion 'down South' and the roadworks . . . oh dear! My sat nav (Glo as you know already) behaved beautifully . . . as always. She forced me to say this . . . ouch!

After a miserable drive, we arrived tired and a bit forlorn, but imagine our surprise when we walked into our room to be greeted by the most beautiful display of fresh flowers from our good friends Lorraine and Colin. Thanks a million you two - your kind gift certainly lifted our spirits. And while we're on the subject of thanks, a HUGE THANK YOU to both Tina and Lorraine for giving up their time and becoming our personal tour guides to Swansea. It's a nice place folks, you should visit.

Friday night our good friend and Welsh songbird Lorraine braved the weather with us (in her dainty clogs and pretty pale pink cords!) as we headed to Gower Peninsular to the Lesbian Surf Camp. The camp site was actually flooded in parts and the ground totally sodden and muddy. We found Alex and Julia who made us very welcome, and all we wanted to do was take everyone back to the hotel and dry them out. But no - these girls were enjoying it. Believe me in these conditions Camping is not for the faint hearted, but these girls were dedicated. We did a quick tour and met some lovely ladies then left them to it and went back to the warmth of our hotel. We had lost Lorraine along the way - she was busy distributing my leaflets and what a good job she did wrapped in her waterproof jacket, with it's hood up we didn't recognize her. Dee who we had originally arranged to meet, had her tent flooded and needed to go home to dry out. Oh the joys of camping.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. Glo was poorly so was confined to barracks, while Lorraine and I went to sign copies of my book in Waterstones and have a look around the shops. Then we went to the marina and I'm happy to say that Glo was able to join us about 3pm. We thought we saw Hyacinth lurking around trying not to be conspicuous. I think she was looking to buy a new pleasure cruiser, and as we know Hyacinth's life is all about pleasure . . . lol!!!

On Saturday night we headed back to the Surf Camp as I'd promised to take some copies of Beautiful Strangers and sign them for the Surf Camp ladies. Our other good friend, Tina, another Welsh songbird, accompanied us this time. Most of the ladies were enjoying dinner and we were tantalized with delicious aromas - thanks for the excellent hospitality girls. We were sorry that we'd already eaten and Glo was even sorrier that she had to refuse several glasses of wine!
It was lovely to meet everybody...but I know that I didn't actually manage to meet everybody there so my apologies to those who I missed. Perhaps next year when hopefully I will be able to come along again and bring copies of the sequel.
It was nice to finally meet Dee and Mary.
If anyone would like a signed copy of Beautiful Strangers then please contact me via my website and I will be very happy to send one to you, along with a personal message of your choice.

After Surf Camp we spent a couple of hours at Mummbles - beautiful place - and then Tina and I had a cuppa in the Castellamre Restaurant, sadly even this was beyond Gloria.

Sunday 15th saw us heading to Borders Bookstore and another wet day. What a busy retail park this is on, but what good shopping!!!
Both Lorraine and Tina called in to see us as did David Bevan, in between managing his wedding cars. It was great to meet him at last, and we really appreciated his taking time out to make the visit.

Tina led us out to the main road...would we ever have found it without her? even 'Sat Nav' is doubtful about!!

Home again and into disgusting weather, but at least the ride home only took 6 hours.....

Many thanks to all the ladies who bought copies of my book at Surf Camp - enjoy!

The photos are Jude and Ruth top (thanks girls) Ellen and Tina middle and Ellen and Lorraine bottom (pole dancing).

Lincoln Pride next Saturday...

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