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Monday, 2 July 2007

Book Signing in Borders Bookstore York

After a week of thunder storms and downpours we set off for York complete with wellingtons and umbrella but wondering if we would need a canoe!

Luckily we didn't but we did have trouble finding our way in . . . so much for clear internet directions hah! But Tom, the manager of Borders bookstore, came to our rescue and talked us in. Gloria makes a very good sat nav! Although I think she needs updating lol!!!

We were a little late and left the brolly in the car . . . big mistake as it was absolutely degging it down when we came out of the store. Of course we got lost on the way out. How anybody can find their way around without being a native is a mystery to me and many other drivers who were looking as bemused as I was.

After saying all of that we had a terrific afternoon with the Borders staff. My books were beautifully set out ready for me and the hospitality was excellent. Tea and a muffin courtesy of the store were greatly appreciated, and I'm an authority on muffins now.

So sincere thanks to Tom (extra big thanks from Gloria who swears she would have navigated us into the Ouse if it hadn't been for you), Peter, Adam and Lorraine. You brought sunshine into a rainy day.

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