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Monday, 2 July 2007

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

We had a lovely drive 'over the tops' to Hebden Bridge and arrived early afternoon in glorious sunshine. Our destination was the Northlights Studio to meet wildlife artist Hannah Lawson. Eventually we found our way there and met not only Hannah but many other artists who work out of this Studio too. It's a great set-up they have there.

After spending a lovely time we ventured out into the . . . yes, you've guessed it..torrential rain, to find the Heart Gallery. I'd discovered that very morning it was managed by a distant relative.

The rain was so bad that we headed for the car; the only sensible thing to do, as we had left the brolly in the boot yet again - when will we ever learn not to trust this bloody weather! Undeterred, and despite the wipers having difficulty coping with the deluge, I drove around and found the Heart Gallery so we were able to go in and say hello to Alison and her daughter Becky.

We headed for home on the main roads this time, again under a heavy sky, when we got a call to say that Gloria had won a raffle prize, however, we were too far along the road to return to Northlights studio to pick it up. Happily we can collect this on our next visit.

If you are ever in Hebden Bridge, do go to Northlights Studio and the Heart Gallery . . . remember to take your cheque books because I can guarantee you will be tempted by the beautiful things on offer.

We drove home through 'weather'......Gloria took this pic of the fabulous rainbow through the car window.

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