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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Blogs and blogging

I have been working on my computer all day . . . yes, yes, I know it's Sunday but I'm not a computer wizard so it takes me ages to upload things like widgets because I didn't even know what one was (I'm still not a 100% sure but have my fingers crossed that it's worked). Then I had to put my blog through a feedburner and the like. Well I ask you, isn't it about time that somebody brought out a dictionary of computer speak or am I so far behind I've missed that too? I'm wrung out!

And to top it all our little chicken Favour died at lunchtime. We rescued her from a chicken concentration camp a couple of years ago so she's been living a very free life, until today. Yesterday she didn't come down from the roost at all, but Sat Nav gave her food and water aplenty and we weren't concerned. In fact, we thought she was rather clever deciding to stay on the roost in the stable while the village was crawling with visitors especially arrived for our village sports day. She waddled along this morning for a late breakfast, fell over and that was just about it. She will be a big miss.

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