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Monday, 12 February 2018

Home Car Valeting Services

For a while I'd been looking for a first class home valeting service for a long time without success. Google came up trumps and I found the amazing Pete McBretney's Home Car Valeting Service and thought I'd spread the word so you all could receive the benefit.

It was hard going for me to try to wash and vacuum my car (it didn't get done very often only when the garage did it) due to my having a debilitating vestibular disorder.

I thanked my lucky stars when I found Pete McBretney. Pete lives not too far from me, but he covers a thirty-five mile radius from his base at Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire, and he is an absolute pleasure to do business with. When he's finished valeting my car it looks like it's just come out of a showroom, and I feel like I have a new car. Pete doesn't rush, he does a thorough job, and doesn't charge the earth for it.


                                                                                         I bought one of these, excellent.
                                                                                            Price drop. I paid £49.99



Ellen Dean recommends Home Car Valeting Service

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