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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Backbeat Beatles - Masham Town Hall

You'll love this video of The Backbeat Beatles singing Hey Jude! Sat Nav, myself and Amy went with friends to see them last Saturday night at Masham Town Hall.

We set off for Masham and it was a case of HELP because it was raining so hard we had to travel in a YELLOW SUBMARINE.

SERGEANT PEPPER was waiting at the door to greet us and he said they were going to sing PAPERBACK WRITER especially for me; wasn't that sweet!

The band was formed in 1994 by musician/actor Chris O'Neill after he played George Harrison in the Bafta Award winning film Backbeat which chronicles the early days of The Beatles in Hamburg. And, what a coincidence: the band hail from Liverpool.

The band lineup is:
Chris O'Neill - Paul McCartney
Paul McDonough - John Lennon (an uncanny resemblance!)
David Reilly - Ringo Starr
Gary Harmon - George Harrison

This brilliant band has performed around the world, from Masham to Monaco . . . No kidding!

When I interviewed the band (video to follow later) I asked them how they found Masham. Chris said, 'Sat Nav.' I thought, that's funny, she didn't tell me she'd led the band into Masham :-)


Shelley Costello said...

wow! he really does sound like Paul McCartney.

Ellen Dean said...

I know! And what a great bunch of guys they are.

Anonymous said...

Great bunch of lads!! I know Chris and Paul well, fab performers!!

I would love to see the interview Ellen :)

Ellen Dean said...

Still editing the vid, I'm afraid! But, will get it finished asap!

Anonymous said...

Ellen, I was there, and you're right it bloody poured down. Still, few pints in the Bruce beforehand, and a few more in the hall, and some quality music made it all worthwhile. I don't suppose you've got the whole gig have you? mp3 would be great. Cheers. Andrew.

Ellen Dean said...

It was a great night. Sorry, haven't got the whole gig, only the three songs. I was on the door for part of the first half. Check out my youtube site for the other two vids.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I'm going to watch this band soon, they are touring at present, the show is called 'Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club show'. I take it from the comments here that they are worth a watch? I've been trying to find out a bit more about the band, is your interview posted on here Ellen?


Ellen Dean said...

Interview not posted yet, I'm afraid. It takes time to edit vids. I have been up to my eyes in work so haven't had any spare time. They are absolutely brilliant, you will certainly enjoy their show.