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Monday, 23 November 2009

Masham Players - Happy Families Autumn 2009

The cast line up for their third encore!

Masham Players Autumn Production of Happy Families by John Godber went down a storm last Thursday night. They played to a full house and had several well deserved curtain calls.

Happy Families follows the life of John, the son of Dot and Vic, from childhood to adulthood. John was brilliantly played by Richard Bailey, and the audience immediately warmed to him.

Other cast members were:
Jenny Bellamy
Jonathan Trenholme
Jill Davis
Brian Howard Gregg
Jacqui Hedley
Susan Smith
Kathryn Carter
Saffron-Skye Headley

Congratulations to the director Julie Prescott who, in my opinion, cast this play perfectly. And to the cast for their hilarious, and poignant performance. I am a big fan of 'The Royle Family' and this play was definitely on a par with them.

I shall never drink Earl Grey again without laughing, and you might guess that in our house it has now become Early Grey!
And, I can remember drinking Rington's Tea during my childhood.

Another great production, however, I was disappointed again that our National Anthem wasn't played prior to the performance. It used to be - why the change?

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