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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 in the North Yorkshire Dales

Katie New Years Day 2010

Christmas Eve morning 2009

Chloe showing off her new rug on New Years Day 2010

Boxing Day 2009

Katie and Chloe, our wrapped-up ponies, prefer to weather the snow. Doesn't Chloe look cute in her new rug? They have free access to their stable - 24/7 - but don't seem to want to use it, except for eating. They always dine in!

We had a hard time fighting our way through the snow to clear the field of droppings :-(
I didn't know I could ski until I lost my footing.

My niece, Amy insisted I try her new wii fit plus, which I was more than happy to do. There are some fantastic games on it. I got a very high score on the Kung Fu, and boasted about it, until the next day when I couldn't understand why my shoulders were so painful. Not to mention my neck and arms. Such pain! Amy said I had to practice every day and build up, but I'm still recovering. It's funny how you don't feel the pain at the time.

I presented my radio show on Durham Dales Radio Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years Eve, and enjoyed every minute thanks to my listeners who sent lovely messages. At the moment I present Thursday and Saturday evenings 8-10pm GMT. So, if you have any requests let me know in good time and I'll play them and give you a shout! Send them to or if you are on facebook there is a link.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a fantastic 2010!

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