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Saturday, 4 July 2009

UFO North Yorkshire

I had an unusual experience on Thursday 2nd July 2009. Yes, another one.

I looked out of the window and saw orange lights in the night sky. It was about 11pm.

I thought the lights were helicopters, so went outside for a better look. There was no noise from them at all. It was a quiet still night. I shouted to Sat Nav to come outside and have a look.

We saw seven lights that seemed to be flying in formation, and then after a while another light appeared from nowhere way behind them. We watched them for about ten minutes.

Sat Nav grabbed a camera, but had trouble holding it steady (must have been the excitement) so the pics are not very good. And then the lights disappeared.

I rang the police and the person I spoke to said they had had another report of the same sighting. She informed me it was the RAF at Leeming Bar carrying out an exercise. I believed it at first, now I'm not so sure. I have a friend in LA who said her father used to fly F1-11s at Lakenheath, and I was right to think it was a UFO.

Because our pics aren't so good I googled to see if I could find any that resembled what we saw, and found quite a few that were taken in the UK last month. I have added one of those pics for you to see.

The lights we saw were in a straight line at first, and then seemed to be stacked like traffic lights with gaps between them giving two sets of three lights and one light out on its own. The eighth light that appeared was totally alone.


Anonymous said...

We saw 5 tonight over the A64. Another couple pulled over too to look at them.


Ellen Dean said...

We saw two tonight on our way to Richmond, North Yorkshire, but they were chinese lanterns, I think. They were so low, and it's Valentines Day, so we assumed they were lanterns.

Anonymous said...

I saw two strange lights which looked like to be hovering over raf Leeming Saturday 5th at 5 am they didn't move in the slightest I watched the lights for 20mins extremely bright. Two lights an object? Definitely wasn't a helicopter as I would have heard it as I live in Leeming bar.
Only have a picture on my phone extremely bright but doesn't do it justice.

Ellen Dean said...

Sorry, do you mean last Saturday? Or in 2010?