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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Scotland September 2007

Tuesday 9th September.

Couldn't quite decide what to do today, the weather was dull and overcast, but not cold. So we thought we would check out the Whisky Trail for our American friend, Cyn Chadwick. It seemed only right as we are in Malt Whisky Country and it's her fave.

Tomintoul was our first stop - The Whisky Castle - go in here at your own risk! The whisky fumes welcome you as you step over the threshold; and the owner, who obligingly posed for a photo especially for you Cyn, dispenses samples of his outstanding selection of Malts with generosity, and charm. Needless to say he had a crowd of tipsy customers around him.

From there it was on to Balmoral, calling at Ballater to check out the shops. After great deliberation and much time wasting, Sat Nav (Gloria) bought a new fleece. It was the pattern that caused her dilemma. She couldn't decide between the Green Wolf or Chestnut Horses . . . the Horses won!

Then it was along to Balmoral and onwards to Loch Muick. The location is beautiful but windy, and I was attacked by a gang of midges . . . and boy are they fierce! So, after a quick photo shoot we left them to feed off someone else. I'm sure they have teeth!

We headed back over the mountains to Aviemore. We were tailed nearly all the way by a black Audi 3 - were my eyes deceiving me or was I losing the plot 'cos I could have sworn it was Hyacinth Dickinson driving and she wasn't alone . . . no don't blame the Malt because I don't drink! It will be interesting to read Hyacinth's blog when I get home and see if it was her!
Bye for now . . .

Wednesday dawned wet and windy and we were due to visit Ballandalloch Castle today. Happily the sun came out for that.

Ballandalloch Castle is absolutly gorgeous and I was really looking forward to a nice baked potato with cheese on the side - I had good memories of this delight from a previous visit.
My baked potato request was not greeted warmly and, alas, it was not to be. The attitude of the cook was bordering on aggressive as she insisted they'd never done baked potatoes in the 5 years she'd been there . . .  but I know they had - hell I had actually eaten one two years ago!
Of course, I smiled sweetly and ordered soup and choc cake, not in the same dish I might add lol! I can recommend the cake, but the carrot and lentil soup was thin and served with only half a slice of bread.

The young waitress was charming and pleasant, but the cook . . . . . . !

From there we went to The Glenlivet Distillery and we can recommend a visit here. It's set amongst spectacular scenery. The tours are free, and the shop is definitely worth a visit . . . oh and most importantly . . . the restaurant is good!

Photographs are taken at an extremely windy Loch Muick and you can tell we are losing the light. And Ballandalloch Castle in the walled garden.
That's all for now . . . will try and post again soon.

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