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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Earthquake 3.6 Rocks North Yorkshire 3rd January 2011

At 9.03pm last night here in Masham, North Yorkshire, we felt the earth move. Was it an extremely heavy lorry going through our village? Was it a mega clap of thunder? Neither. It was an earthquake. And, not just one earthquake, but two.

My niece Amy and friend Brian were rehearsing (singing) in our living room preparing for their performance in Kirkby Malzeard on Thursday night, Sat Nav was counting them in and I was in the kitchen when we heard a huge rumble. Initially, I thought it was thunder. Brian thought it was a helicopter.

About five seconds later there was another rumble. Sat Nav checked the ponies, they were unsettled. I announced the event on facebook and twitter. Within seconds I had replies from all over North Yorkshire saying people had felt the same thing.
Then the news broke that it was in fact an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale. The epicentre was Kirkby Malzeard, very close to where I live.

After about half an hour I felt cold so I went to turn the wall heating thermostat up. Now this is bizarre. It was turned off. Nobody had touched/altered it so how it came to be that way is a mystery. In fact we didn't know that it could be turned down so low - we are hot house plants!

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