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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Masham Players perform Ding Dong directed by Ellen Dean & Kathy Boyer

Every picture tells a story :-)

If you missed Masham Players performance of Ding Dong - you missed a treat because it was absolutely fantastic!!!

Our excellent cast:
Guy Wilman - new to the Players - playing Bernard Marcellin the aggrieved husband of the naughty Jacqueline played by Sue Smith.
Richard Bailey played Robert Regnier - Jacqueline's lover. But who is his wife?
Throw in the Marcellin's overworked and underpaid maid Marie-Louise (Pam Grimsditch) who also has a keen eye for Bernard, and the high class call girl Barbara (Kathryn Holland) paid by Robert to pretend to be his wife Juliette into the mix, and things start to simmer nicely. . . but then along comes the real Juliette (Julie Prescott)! Result? Complete mayhem! All very oh la la, darlings :-)

How our audiences laughed :-))))))

Ellen Dean

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