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Friday, 4 April 2008

Norman the Gnome goes Gnoming - we think!

The weather has been kind to us in the past few days in the UK, so you can understand that we’ve spent some time in the garden...not actually doing anything practical, of course, but making lots of plans for the coming summer.

Our favourite place to stand and plan is beside the pond, next to Norman, one of our gnomes.

We love Norman and always tell him what’s going to be happening in the garden over the summer. Yesterday was no exception. We told him about the apple tree that’s going to be planted for Katie our horse, and the additional lavender plants that are coming.

So....can you imagine our horror when, this morning, we looked out and saw that Norman was missing!!!!

At first we thought he had toppled into the pond. But no! In his usual place something white glinted in the early sunshine. I rushed outside to check things out and there it was....a brief message scrawled on an was so simple...he’s always been a gnome of few words, always preferring to listen.

Well... the little blighter was certainly listening to us yesterday, because as well as discussing the garden we talked about the weather, especially the awful wintry forecast that we’d heard on ITV for the coming weekend. we see it....It’s all down to Bob Johnson’s wintry weather forecast! (He’s the local ITV weather man) he’s our fave forecaster. Obviously Norman’s taken Bob’s forecast to heart and gone to find some sunshine!

We are so worried. Our Norman’s gone off somewhere - BUT WHERE???

Gone Gnoming - that was all his note said. BUT his little gnome passport that he keeps under the gooseberry bush is missing! So he could be heading anywhere in the world.........

If you think that you might have seen Norman, then do please let us know. Take a good look at his photograph - we don’t want any mistakes!


His friends are worried sick, and it looks like they might set out to find him.
Oh dear, then what will we do?

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