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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Ruth Atkinson - Women of Windlestone

From one of my November 2007 blogs came an interesting discovery.

This particular blog was about my childhood friend Anita's birthday. Remember on her birthday she was presenting on Bishopfm Radio and we surprised her with a visit? On that day her daughter Ruth Atkinson was guesting on the show to talk about her film/documentary entitled 'Women of Windlestone'. Ruth researched, directed and produced the film herself and, it seems, Ruth uncovered a Government secret that had been kept for 60 years.

Windlestone Hall, in County Durham, was originally built and owned by the Eden family. It is now empty and in need of some TLC.
Well . . . it seems as a direct result of this particular blog . . . a descendant of the Eden family contacted Anita regarding Ruth's film.
This is quite a coincidence and it just goes to prove, yet again, the power of the internet and blogging.

Ruth is a well respected script supervisor. She will be jetting off to the Middle East next week on behalf of the BBC. You can check her out on IMDb.

All the best Ruth.

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