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Monday, 7 January 2008

Low-energy light bulbs.

It was interesting, and depressing, to read the article in Saturday's Daily Mail January 5th by Jenny Hope their medical correspondent.

The heading read Low-energy light bulbs can damage your skin and the first line read ENERGY-SAVING light bulbs can be bad for your skin, doctors are warning.

The article went on to say several other things including a quote from Doctor Colin Holden president of the BAD who said, 'It is important that patients with photo sensitive skin are allowed to use lights that don't exacerbate their condition. Photo sensitive eruptions range from disabling eczema-like reactions, to light sensitivities that can lead to skin cancer.'

The article urges the government to allow incandescent light bulbs to be available for these people as, according to Andrew Langford of the Skin Care Campaign, incandescent light bulbs are the only source of electric light suitable for many thousands of people with light-sensitive conditions.

Apparently these Low-energy light bulbs also cause eye irritation, blurred vision, Migraine and dizziness.

This is affecting me and I couldn't understand why. Now I know. I found out a couple of years ago when I consulted a GP/Homeopath for something entirely different. He told me then that I was sensitive to fluorescent lights. At the time I didn't realize that Low-energy light bulbs came into that category so promptly changed all of our light bulbs thinking I was doing the right thing. I wonder how many other people have done the same? Today I went out and bought two ordinary light bulbs and was surprised to find another customer doing the same thing while expressing the same concerns - she too had read the article.

I did use the Government's recommended energy bulbs with the ESR logo - not cheap rubbish.
I will eventually replace all of our energy light bulbs!

I hope the Government take on board the seriousness of the Daily Mail's report. They complain about the high cost of the NHS so lets hope they don't make it higher by ignoring these health warnings. After all, they banned smoking in public places. I think this is worse because you can't see the nasty energy coming from light bulbs. And, of course in winter it's worse - because you need to have the lights on more.

Now I will get off my soapbox.

I would appreciate your thoughts about this and would love to hear from you.

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