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Monday, 27 November 2017

Scoop of the Year by Tom Claver - Book Review

  • An intelligent, exhilarating and entertaining mystery about a luckless hack that you just can’t help but to cheer him on

  • A delicious satire about the media, ambition and making the most of unexpected opportunities
  • Tom Claver is a journalist, the author of the bestselling thriller Hider Seeker.

Martin, a hapless journalist on a weekly financial magazine in London, plods along in a job he can’t afford to lose. But when he misses out on promotion to the well-heeled Tom he tries his utmost to bring his rival down a peg or two. Yet nothing can stop Tom’s effortless climb to the top. As Tom’s career blossoms, Martin’s life disintegrates, personally and financially.

But when he stumbles across a scoop on a major corporate scandal, Martin has the opportunity to make a name for himself and to outshine the achievements of his rival. The only trouble is that life is not as straightforward as Martin thinks, and sometimes extreme actions are needed…

Tom Claver was a director of a publishing company and is now a freelance journalist who has worked in print and television. He was brought up in London and currently lives in Dorset with his wife. He is the author of the popular thriller, Hider Seeker, which was a top 100 bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

My Review:
Excellent read. Loved the drama, humour and conspiracy. The characters came to life. I really felt for Martin and his family. This book has more twists than a screw. I found myself thinking the story could be non-fiction, it was so real. I was in detective mode all the way through. One thing I have to say is...I was left hanging at the end. Hope there is a sequel or I won't sleep.

Ellen Dean most definitely recommends

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