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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Innergie - Magic Cable Lightning Duo

Received this Magic Cable Lightning Duo from Innergie to review. It is a great product and it works with my Kindle, Android phone, and in my car. You can charge your phone using the USB to connect to your computer while you are working. Or, you can charge up your devices in your car while driving. I found I can use the cable with my home radio by plugging the USB into the back and connecting to my phone's music.

The instructions say it is compatible with iPod Touch 5th Generation: I have a 4th Gen so it doesn't fit. They also state it's compatible with iPad 4: I have iPad 3 and my niece has an iPad 4 but it doesn't fit hers. However, I think if you had an adapter it might work with iPad 4.

This is an excellent product but it feels a little fragile (Micro USB slipped out of casing 2nd use) so I wonder how robust it is and if it will be a long lasting product.

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