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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Astral Projection - Synchronicity

I am writing a scene for a character and would love to hear any stories you might have about what you consider to be an Out of Body Experience. Have you ever experienced this yourself? If you have will you please contact me.

And...can you Astral Project? Have you ever tried it? If so, what happened?

I would also like to hear about any experiences you have had with Synchronicity.

Any comments gratefully received. Or,  if you prefer confidentiality, please email me at


Anonymous said...

Ellen , I find this subject Very Intriguing. Its a Phenomenon that is hard for Me to Explain,But i'll Try. My Out of body Astral experiences have been when I'm asleep . Don't get me wrong ,They may seem like A dream ,But There is a Much deeper Reality to where I am definately Mobile and Looking Down ( Yes, Flying) , My Arms are Outstreched and I experience the definitive "Rush" of Flying . I also Realize I'm doing it which adds to the Enjoyment and Experience . Being It has happened much more than Once ,I can say I have definately Visited " Different " Places. I don't remember Any people in Particular ,But naturally there is always someone from a previous Life Memory . I also wonder if Some people I don't know are the People I sometimes see and Can't place where I know them from . Is it An Alternate Universe or A Particularly Vivid dream or even a Deja ' Vu .? Whatever I find it extremely interesting and Would like to read what Other People Share About this Subject ...... We Have All been here before..(Crosby,Stills , Nash and Young ) . Thank you , Joey.

Ellen Dean said...

Joey, thank you for your comment. Which is very interesting, and helpful. Would you like me to post it, or remain confidential?

Shelley said...

My out of body experience has only happened once.

Before the out of body experience I went through a period where my meditation practice was going quite well. If you have meditated before you’ll know that its like trying to hold on to soap. The minute you feel you are there ‘in the gap’ so to speak its gone again, and really then when you have that awareness you are no longer meditating. So by saying it was going quite well I was regularly finding myself completely suspended and as I said ‘in the gap’ although at the time of this I didn’t have the awareness because if I did it would have stopped me meditating.

So over the course of a week I would say I started to experience a feeling that I was lifting up. It was as though my soul (I will say my soul or spirit because I am assuming that’s what it was) was lifting up out of my body. So at that point I came out of meditation.

There was that feeling the following evening of should I or shouldn’t I but I kept telling myself it would be ok.
So that next night I meditated and after a short time (shorter than the previous night) felt myself lifting up. Its hard to describe but it was almost like wiggling out of myself. I am unsure whether my body was physically swaying or moving but it was as though I was very subtly moving up and out of myself in a snaking movement, as though just very slightly swaying from side to side as though to wriggle free. That might sound weird but that’s the feeling I got during the experience. At the point where I felt I was truly going to transcend from my body I stopped. The fear I guess because I think I didn’t completely have that trust that I would be ok. Of course the feeling ceased immediately, it isn’t like you go back into your body, wiggle back down or anything, it just stopped instantly.

I think I left it the following night because I was really bothered by it and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I thought perhaps I had transcended my body and that was perhaps what some people experienced during meditation but I didn’t talk to anyone about it and you know this is the first time I have told anyone about it.

So the following night, after taking a day off from meditating I returned that evening and did it again. This time I felt myself lift out of my body and for a very split second I could see myself sitting there on the bed but it was just a very split second and then I was out of it again. It was without doubt the single most peaceful moment of my entire life; a moment indeed because it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds.

The same ‘wiggling’ sensation took place beforehand and then it was as though I was just completely free, like nothing I can really describe.

I have regular experiences when meditating of that same ‘wiggling’ sensation but I transcend to something else. I don’t quite feel myself come out. I find myself bathed in white light quite often with that feeling of bliss and I am able to remain there for a while. I take this just to be the oneness with universal consciousness, God or whatever you want to term it and feel quite comfortable with this. I love it, it makes me feel better than anything I have ever experienced and it makes everything so crystal clear and perfect, everything flows better, I have so much creativity and my life improves dramatically. I would like to be able to have that every day because I know my life would change in a matter of weeks if I could do that but when things are going on I find it difficult to actually get myself to meditate, but that’s the beauty of it, its there whenever you need it and in my estimation, meditation is the secret to living a very abundance, happy and healthy life. Really you are connecting with your true source (whatever term you wish to call that) and so there is nothing greater.