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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blood Pressure!

Well . . . I have been back to my GP for my results today.

You will all be delighted to learn that my heart is beating just as it should. My bad cholesterol level isn't too high; I just need to keep a watchful eye on my diet. The muffins are still off limits though ;-(

As for the smoking . . . well, I will try my very best to stop!

There is one little irritation that needs some attention - no, not Gloria (or Sat Nav as some of you will know her) . . . how could you all think that lol!!!
It seems my blood pressure is misbehaving, and very soon I will have to use a monitor for a week. And then yet another visit to my doctors . . . but what chance do I stand when they insist on playing such awful music in the waiting room! Bring on the rest and relaxation cd's PLEASE!

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