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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

I Need My 2 Metres Space - Social Distancing - MIND Charity



A couple of weeks ago I ventured into my local Coop wearing a T-shirt I had designed - to support the social distancing rule - called 'I Need My 2 Metres Space'. Manager Helen Whitfield got in touch with me asking if my online store sold Tote Bags. I said 'It does'. Helen thought it would be a good idea to have a small display in the supermarket as the social distancing rule is so important. This year the Coop are supporting the charity MIND

I'm more than happy to support the Coop and MIND therefore all profits will go to the charity. This morning I took in a sample Tote Bag with some posters to be displayed in-store. All you have to do to BUY your Tote Bag, is scan your phone over the QR Code on a poster in-store. Or, you can scan the QR Code on the poster on the photo I have added here, it will take you to my online store Laughing Lion Designs where there are also T-shirt's, Sweatshirts and Hoodies for Men, Women, and Children in the Fundraiser Collection.

All products are made from 100% Organic Cotton and printed in a sustainable energy powered factory in the UK. PLUS, at the end of there useful lives all products can be returned for recycling. As a thank you customers who return goods for recycling will receive a small credit towards their next purchase.

Happy shopping.
Ellen Dean